Day 27 – What small thing that you use daily are you grateful for?

The small thing that I use daily that I am grateful for is my embroidery.
My mother had shown me how to crochet and knit, but always with so much criticism and unraveling what I’d done wrong and restarting again and again. It just wasn’t enjoyable.
Cross-stitch and needlepoint are very simple, but can be tedious as it is just the same stitch over and over. Counted cross-stitch is more challenging; unfortunately, I am too much of a perfectionist to allow mistakes and I’ve given up on more than one project because I’ve miscounted and had gotten too far before I’d noticed. I couldn’t bear to continue knowing there was a mistake; I couldn’t bear to rip out stitches and redo hours and hours of work. I do enjoy cross-stitch and needlepoint if the design is something I’m attached to.
I particularly enjoy crewel, because there are a variety of stitches that are used in any given design. I used to check out books from the library and practice stitches on any random fabric.
Embroidery is cathartic for me. I focus completely on the next stitch, and then the next, and the next. I run my fingers through the silky floss or the fuzzy yarn as I separate out the strands that I need. I enjoy the many shades of colors and the methodical push and pull of the needle through the fabric. And while I’m focusing on all of this, my other thoughts and worries continue to whisper in the background but I’m able to intentionally disregard them for the time being.
What do I do with the completed pieces? Nothing, really. Stick them in a bag and put them away, and move on to the next project. It’s the process that helps me, not the final product.