Day 24 – What challenge are you grateful for?

I don’t know how to answer this. When I hear “challenge,” I automatically think of my baby’s health issues and spending so much time in the hospital and being unable to be together as a family doing normal family activities, and I don’t feel grateful for that challenge. I want my baby to be healthy, or at least have the ability to manage his health conditions to keep him out of the hospital. I want the ability to take each day for granted, even though I shouldn’t. I don’t want to wonder if this will be the last photograph I take of him smiling or wonder if he will make it through the entire day without a trip to the ER. I want to be able to plan for family vacations and camping trips and not worry about getting more than a few miles away from the nearest hospital.
But that’s all beside the point, the point being that I am supposed to describe what challenge I actually am grateful for. My best answer is that I am challenging myself to learn as much about MIRAGE syndrome as possible, and I’m doing this by trying to connect with as many families as I can. We have six strong, amazing, precious little fighters now who share many similar experiences but who all fall into place at their own unique points of the MIRAGE spectrum. The more we share with one another, the more we can learn about our own children and how best to get the help and treatment they need. That’s my challenge, and I’m grateful for getting to know other families. I am grateful that there ARE other families, and that my son is not fighting alone.