Day 15 – What season are you grateful for?

Up until recently, I would have always responded with “summer” as the best season ever.

I’ve changed my mind.

Autumn is now my favorite season, the season that I am most grateful for. I love the gorgeous reds, oranges, yellows, and golds of the changing leaves and I love the fall plants that pop up with their vibrant blossoms and foliage after the delicate summer flowers have shriveled up and died away from the chill.

I love the little critters frolicking around, the squirrels and birds who are no longer lazily breezing through their days but who are now busy, busy, busy, flitting in and out of trees and hopping through piles of leaves, preparing for the impending winter.

I love the bittersweet emotions that emanate from the children — they’re sad that summer vacation is ending, but they cannot completely stifle the excitement of a new school year with its possibilities of new friends and new experiences.

I love the autumn scents, the cinnamon and spice, the earthy smell of decomposing leaves, smoky crackling fires, the sweet and rich aromas of baked yumminess fresh from the oven, and the fresh clean air that is crisp and pure — as opposed to the hot summertime air that’s heavy with mowed grass, chlorine, sunscreen, and bug spray.

I love bundling up in soft sweaters and knit caps. I love boots! I love autumn rains and thunderstorms. I love picking apples and peaches, and the perfect jack o’lantern pumpkins. I love Halloween.

I am grateful for autumn, because autumn is now my favorite season. I love everything about it.

Except pumpkin spice anything.