My First Post

I have another blog that is dedicated to writing about my son and his medical challenges.  It seemed inappropriate to write anything too me-centric there, but I found that I do enjoy blogging.  So I started this blog page awhile ago … and had yet to write in it.

Addled thoughts is right.  addled

My thoughts have always run rampant, chasing one another, tossing and turning, hiding and jumping out unexpectedly and at inopportune times, and otherwise have been difficult to sort through and compartmentalize.  At least in writing, I am able to capture some thoughts with either the tip of a pen or the tip of my fingers and arrange them into orderly sentences and paragraphs and (hopefully) extract some meaning from them.

Or maybe I will just ramble along on the page, only to discover that there is no real message or meaning after all.  Even still, there is the benefit of plucking some of the thoughts from my head and slapping them onto paper or computer screen.  Maybe there isn’t a deeper meaning to decipher, but getting some of the thoughts out will at least theoretically help with crowd control and perhaps alleviate some of the bumping and churning and thrashing against my skull.

I’m writing this now because I’ve spent too long trying to “come up with something to write about.”  I just needed to write.  Anything.  And now that I have written my first post, I can relax about it.  I think I’ll make writing a daily activity.  Maybe I’ll find some writing prompts or whatnot.  Or maybe I’ll just pluck through some of the randomness in my addled mind again.  For now, I am ending my first blog post.